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10 secret corners of Greece for your next summer holiday: Daily Telegraph

The piece presents the gems for the British visitors

The Daily Telegraph presents the 10 best secret Greek destinations for summer, giving a boost to Greek tourism. The author of the article Heidi Fuller-Love focuses on the new collaborations of the airlines that will allow the British tourists to discover new authentic parts of Greece and highlights the ten most impressive secret “corners” that this year will be more accessible to the visitors.

Syros takes top place for its local culture as well as Naxos with the wild natural beauties, the cedar forests, the sandy beaches, and the unique citrus liqueur. Next are Milos, the heavenly Skyros, the wonderful Ikaria, the special Leros, the beautiful Kastoria, the traditional Karpathos but also the charming and authentic Sitia of Crete. In the article, Astypalea stands out as a “green” goddess who impresses with sustainable innovations, the Byzantine castle, and the picturesque windmills.

As the world opens up to tourism once more, one of Europe’s leading low-cost airlines is opening a wider window on Greece’s blissful blue skies, mirror clear seas and silk sand beaches.

For travelers seeking to discover a more authentic side to the sun-soaked country, EasyJet has teamed up with Sky Express, Greece’s most popular no-frills carrier, to offer UK travelers the chance to book flights via a single platform to more than 20 lesser-known Greek destinations.

These are the ones that should be at the top of your list.

The cultured one: Syros With its twin hilltop settlements – topped by a snow-white Catholic cathedral on one side and a blue-domed Orthodox church on the other; streets bursting with magnificent old houses built by wealthy sea captains during the 19th century (when the island oozed wealth); and marble-lined capital Ermoupolis – Syros is one of the Cyclades’ most intriguing cultural gems.


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