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2,500-year-old free-standing statues found in western Anatolia

They were discovered at the site of the Roman temple of Zeus Lepsynos

Hurriyet Daily News reports that two 2,500-year-old free-standing statues and an inscription have been discovered in western Anatolia’s ancient city of Euromos, at the site of the Roman temple of Zeus Lepsynos.

“One of the two kouroi unearthed at Euromos is naked while the other is wearing armor and a short skirt,” said Abuzer Kizil of Muğla Sitki Koçman University.

“The armor [appears to be] made of leather, and it is remarkable to see that both statues have a lion in their hands.” The naked statue holding a lion may represent Apollo, she added. Kizil and his team have not been able to find exact copies of the statues anywhere else so far.

Work to translate the inscription continues.


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