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22% of police officers unvaccinated, Greek police to be strengthen, says Minister

22 percent of Greece’s police officers remain unvaccinated but there are no plans to make it mandatory for them, Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Skai TV, the minister said that he believed a “systematic effort” to get the remaining 22% of police inoculated would soon produce results.

“Some younger guys are of the opinion that they will not get sick and are not in danger, but I think life has shown us that the opposite is the case. We are continuing the very systematic effort to vaccinate them and I believe that we will have results in this regard.”

He also said that police presence in the neighborhoods of Attica will be intensified as 70% of the country’s criminal activity takes place in and around the capital city,

The focus of the police would be on combatting drug gangs and the issue of drugs in general, he underlined. He added that many police departments in Attica are understaffed, and that’s why they will soon be strengthened.


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