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6,150 coronavirus cases, 49 deaths; distribution across Greece

Coronavirus infections remain high in Greece also on Wednesday with health authorities to have announced 6,150 confirmed cases in the past 24 hours. 49 patients died due to Covid-19 complications also in last 24 hours. The number of intubated Covid-patients in hospitals stands at 431.

Among those intubated in Larissa is a 40-year-old nurse in the sixth month of pregnancy. The woman was suspended from duty because she was against vaccination.

For another pregnant woman, 36, doctors could not make much other than saving her baby. The woman passed away in Thessaloniki. Speaking on TV her mother accused the woman’s doctor for advising her to not receive the jab.

A 2.5-month-old baby is being treated for heavy pneymonia in Thessaloniki. Positive to Covid-19 is also the mother, even though with milder symptoms. At home are the father and the baby’s five sibling. The whole family was not vaccinated.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Kostas Karamanlis was tested positive to Covid-19.

During a debate at the Parliament he fell sick; a Rapid test first and a PCR test later confirmed his infection. According to media, he was fully vaccinated. He had several contacts to lawmakers and reporters as a draft bill of the ministry was on the agenda. He was reportedly wearing a mask all the time.


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