A legend gone, a nation mourns

Mikis Theodorakis passes away at 96 _ (videos)

Legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis passed away on Thursday morning. He was 96. He died in his home in Athens. A symbol of democratic struggles and the most recognizable Greek worldwide. A man that put his seal in the contemporary Greek music an eternal “minister for culture”. A brilliant talent that captured in notes the most dramatic moments of Greece’s political history.

A man whose music is associated with struggles for democracy and freedom and whose political path from left to the right and back to the left confirmed that great artists are restless spirits that may not feel comfortable or cannot settle down within the boundaries of this mundane world.

Greece honors him with a 3-day national mourning.

Mikis – as we simply called him in the country because there was only one Mikis – contributed to contemporary Greek music with over 1,000 works that included songs and symphonies. He wrote the music to the lyrics of great Greek poets like Seferis. Elytis and Ri