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Ahepa Maritime Chapter Hj-45 “St ‘Nicholas” Landing in Nafplion

NAFPLIO, Greece – A two-day visit to the capital of the Greek Revolution of the glorious 1821, Nafplio, was made by the Maritime Chapter of Ahepa in the context of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of our liberation from the Turkish yoke and the contribution of Nafplio to this struggle.

The participation of our brothers was overwhelming and moving despite their busy schedules as the visit took place during working days, and was accompanied by honorable guests such as the Mayor of the city, the Regional Governor, the Harbor Master, the Consul of Russia, the Governor of Ahepa Hellas and other renowned professionals from shipping, politics , education, health, technology, sports, etc.

In this forum we honored, learned, cogitated and supported. We first honored the historic city of Nafplio and Ioannis Kapodistrias by laying a wreath at his statue, we toured through the historical sites of the city, we learned from the events of history as people without historical memory are people without a future, we pondered our present through various sufferings and challenges we face which we are called to overcome with unity and faith, and we supported by donating the construction of a playground for people with special needs (disabled) in the central square of the city.

The commitment of our team is to be an important helper in the society and for this reason our President, Mr. Dimitrios Mattheou made it clear that our Chapter will cooperate again with the local bodies and will support the city of Nafplio in any way it can.

Source: Facebook/Dimitris Mattheou


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