“Atlantis” at the center of global interest – Scientists from 22 countries start drilling in Santori

Preparations have already begun feverishly both in Greece and abroad

Alarge international oceanographic mission to conduct underwater research drilling around the Santorini-Columbus-Christian volcanic complex in the South Aegean has just been approved and will take place from December 2022 to February 2023.

The drillings in six points in the caldera of Santorini and in the wider undersea area of ​​Santorini-Amorgos, which will be done using the oceanographic ship “JOIDES Resolution”, will be carried out in the framework of Mission 398 of the International Ocean Discovery Program-IODP, one of the most ambitious and long-term international science programs in the world.

The specialized oceanographic vessel, one of the largest for research drilling in the world, is scheduled to sail from the Spanish port of Tarragona on December 6, 2022 in the direction of the Aegean and the mission will be completed by February 5, 2023. Fever has already begun. both in Greece and abroad.

Santorini – Scientists from 22 countries

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