Banks announce suspension of loan obligations for fire victims, but ask for money

However, 3,734 auctions will be in progress until March 31, 2022.

The papers show that the suspension of the loan obligations of the fire victims for six months, announced by the government, remains as, as exclusively presented by MEGA, the banks demand the immediate payment of the installments.

According to the lawyer Ariadni Nouka, with an official announcement of the Hellenic Banking Association, it had previously announced that for the fire victims there would be a suspension of the payment of installments, whether it concerned capital and interest or only interest.

“After contacting my client from Evia, the bank sent him a document, where there is an obligation to pay interest,” said Ms. Nouka, saying that the loan was open.

There was virtually no suspension of the loan obligation.

In fact, the specific victim, in the fires that swept Evia, apart from his house, also lost his business.