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Blinders and halters

The Right always acts according to plan. Neither New Democracy nor Mitsotakis do anything

coincidentally or by fluke. There are methods, plans, A and B, dirty alliances, intrigues, and

disgraceful designs. Whether they showcase Karamanlis or Samaras or Mitsotakis, they pull

together and do nothing spontaneously. Everything is done with the guidance of expert

communicators. That is how they exploit any weaknesses and deceive citizens.

On the other hand, the Left is consumed in theoretical analyses and is divided into more left-

wing, less left-wing, pure, or imitation. In other words, the faction that really cares about the

people, instead of rallying united to confront dishonesty and brutal capitalism, is attacking itself to the great delight and prevalence of the Right.

The Right achieve their goals through populism or promises that will never be kept, or by

targeting people’s sensitive points, or by posing as experts, or simply using monstrous lies,

which, precisely because they are so monstrous, it is difficult for people to see them as lies.

Money is, of course, a very powerful and "convincing" means and a weapon. Combined with all kinds of unethical practices, corruption is ensured. And the more corruption expands, the harder it is to see truth and discern honesty. So they manage to put blinders and halters on thousands of citizens and direct them to wherever they want, wherever suits them.

Lies are presented as truth, intrigues as development, and deception as innovation. They

sugarcoat the pill and people swallow it without realizing that it is poisonous, that they will

gradually be driven to a worse condition.

The prevalence of the Right in Greece for half a century, after a brutal dictatorship, was based

on all the above means. With breaks by PASOK governments, many members of which strayed from democratic principles and assimilated with corruption, the Right ruled, milked, and bankrupted the country, not only financially, but also morally and culturally.

The Syriza government brought a breath of democracy, justice in labour, free access to

hospitals, national agreements that would safeguard the country from Turkish threat, a 10%

reduction in unemployment, the country's disengagement from the memoranda that were keeping it in chains, and much more. However, the Right was lurking.

With a well-organized campaign of slander, mudslinging, hatred, false promises and the flow of money to the media, the Right misled many citizens.

They took advantage of many people’s ignorance and their so-called patriotism, in order to present the Prespa Agreement as treasonous and steal their votes. The day after the elections, Mitsotakis made a spectacular somersault and declared himself a supporter of the agreement!

Knowing that people would see the mockery and turn against him, he proceeded to the second pre-planned step. He delayed the ratification of a defense cooperation agreement hoping that Zaev would slip or be forced to turn to Turkey for help.

Thus, Mitsotakis would be justified in the eyes of the Greek people. He stole the elections using fierce polemic against the agreement and claimed to have stayed true to his opposition but had to respect international agreements.

However, Zaev was the one who misstepped. In fact, in order to save himself, Mitsotakis

sacrificed the national interest of Greece, since Turkey will now be on the country's northern border!

The ideals of the Left are democracy, justice, equality, egalitarianism, non-exploitation of man

by man. The ideal of the Right is one: money and everything deriving from it: power,

exploitation, inequality, etc.

The plan of New Democracy, and especially of Mitsotakis, is to weaken the public sector and

strengthen large private businesses; a systematic declining of public health, education and even culture, and the unconditional surrender to the clutches of huge private interests (which offer profuse bribes!).

The non-admission of thousands of students to the country's universities this year and the shrinking of university faculties is a wretched plan elaborated by the Machiavellists at the Prime Minister’s office.

Furthermore, the exploitation of natural disasters (regardless of suspicious involvements) is

already in the plan of ruthless amoralists while the Greek people are striding with blinders and

halters wherever they are led.


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