China – The Greek who designs robotic Jurassic Parks

What is the new trend that prevails in China and is expected to prevail in the rest of the world

Six years in the earth’s vast “factory”, China, Apostolis Zaoutsos has recently been in the smallest of the cities in which he has worked: Guilin. There, in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in a “spotless tourist attraction” city, the center of which is surrounded by two rivers and four lakes, Mr. Zautsos oversees a gigantic project to create an entertainment complex for the country’s domestic tourism.

“It’s the new trend in China, a trend that will take over the rest of the world in the coming years as a whole. I am in a position to oversee a $ 200 million construction project that will ‘give birth’ to a robotic Jurassic Park,” Mr. Zaoutsos told the radio station “Praktorio 104.9FM”, describing the new living conditions of part of the population of the vast country as highly advanced.

“China has a ‘middle class’ that is about 30% of the total population. We are talking about 500 million people who stand out for their level of education and living conditions. Great comfort of life, two or three cars per family, expensive sports models (some of them), at least three trips a year, quality restaurants, quality of life. This also creates a need for a high level of domestic tourism.

For this purpose we are preparing this Robotic Dinosaur Park and other parks will be built in the country. It’s all on another level here in the entertainment industry. Always with a ticket, but requirements for quality everywhere,” explains the Greek with the know-how in the robotic technology of theme parks.