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Chios residents block ship carrying new migrant center construction machinery

Residents and local officials on the island of Chios have blocked a ship carrying construction machinery for the new planned migrant ‘Closed Controlled Access Center” from docking on Thursday. Residents of the island had also blocked the ship from docking at the auxiliary port of Mesta on the island earlier the same day.

This occurred despite a small force of police and coast guard officials being present at both ports.

The ship, which is also carrying other cargo, has set sail for the island of Lesbos, but is expected to be prevented from docking there as well, as the government has also decided on the construction of a new migrant camp on Lesbos.

“We call on the workers and institutions of Lesbos to rise up. Government plans to create new detention facilities will not be accepted. The local communities of Chios and Lesbos have spoken; no new migrant center, whether closed or open,” stated a release by the Pan-Lesbos Workers Center.


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