Coastal shipping lost 300,000 passengers this summer, compared to 2019

The passenger traffic from 1st of July until the 14th of August of the current year from the three ports of Attica reached 1,422,361 passengers as against 1,109,992 passengers in 2020 during the same period and 1,761,469 during the same period of 2019

This year, compared to last year, the passenger ferry traffic from the three major ports of Attica (Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrio) is increased for the period from the beginning of July until the 14th of August, however the coastal shipping cannot “repair” the damages. of the previous year. On the contrary, it is estimated that the losses will again reach 100 million euros for the entire sector, in which, according to the annual study of XRTC, 12 shipping companies have a special role.

In particular, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Merchant Marine, available to “”, passenger traffic (departures) from July 1 to August 14 this year from the three ports reached 1,422. 361 passengers compared to 1,109,992 passengers in 2020 the same period and 1,761,469 the same period in 2019. Thus passenger traffic increased by 28.1% compared to last year but decreased by 28.5% compared to 2019 .

More specifically, during the period 1-14 August, the passenger traffic from the port of Piraeus amounted to 319,761 passengers for all ferry lines, except the Saronic Gulf where the traffic reached 77,232 passengers. In the same period of 2020, 264,700 passengers departed from Piraeus for the Aegean and 69,760 passengers for the islands of the Saronic Gulf, while in 2019 the respective numbers were 411,680 and 120,883. Overall, passenger traffic from Piraeus was increased in 202