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Corfu – The top European city break destination

The city of Rhodes is also in the top 10 – Istanbul, Rome and New York In the last places

The city of Corfu is the top European destination for a wellness city break. This is at least evident from the latest Radical Storage survey, which ranks cities based on 11 factors from noise and air pollution to the number of 4 star restaurants per square mile and available green space.

The analysis found that the Greek city of Corfu is the most “stress relieving” destination for escape, with 78.9% in the wellness analysis. With positive ratings coming from the minimal light, sound and atmosphere pollution recorded in the city, as well as the easy transport times to and from the airport of the island.

In second place in the analysis of Radical Storage is the Portuguese city of Funchal, on the island of Madeira. The low density levels of the city, the noise and air pollution, as well as the competitive cost of meals led the city to a high position with a score of 71.2%.

Completing the top five cities for wellness breaks are: Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Salzburg.

The two Dalmatian coastal cities, Zadar and Dubrovnik, had the most positive results for air pollution and noise pollution, with a high density of four star restaurants in the city, at 68.3% and 67.6% respectively.

Also in the top five is the Austrian city of Salzburg, which scored 67.3%, with good results in terms of light pollution and transit times to and from the airport.

Rhodes is also in the top 10

Rhodes stands out in the list in the 10th place with a score of 60.8%. Along with Dubai it has the most public spaces per square mile.

Rhodes and Faro are also the least populated wellness destinations.

The not so relaxing destinations for holidays in the city

At the other end of Radical Storage’s findings, London was found to be the worst city for a stress-free break, with high levels of light pollution and a lack of 4-star restaurants per square mile.

The second worst city for a “wellness break” is Moscow, scoring just 31.0% in the analysis.

The main areas that influenced Moscow’s rating were the high levels of light pollution, the long transit times between the airport and the city and the few spas, attractions and restaurants of 4+ stars per square mile.

The last five cities in the analysis for wellness vacation destinations are Istanbul, Rome, and New York.

Istanbul and Rome ranked poor in analysis due to high levels of noise and light pollution, as well as the density of 4+ star spas, views and restaurants per square mile.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Giacomo Piva, CMO and co-founder of Radical Storage states:

“For many travelers and holidaymakers, the opportunity to visit a new city and destination is also an opportunity to relax, with this in mind we wanted to help people find the best destinations for a relaxing break and where they can enjoy the sights of life. in the city but also relaxation “.

“As our study shows, many of the most relaxing destinations are sparsely populated, but as the results show, a plethora of attractions and relaxing places for tourists to enjoy, as well as a number of high quality top quality restaurants. ”

“At the other end of the spectrum, he reveals that London came last. Although London has a huge number of restaurants, a rate of 4 stars or more indicates that more could be done to improve the hospitality industry, with the densely populated city also suffering from high noise and light pollution “.

“With many travelers somewhat anxious as travel reopens, we hope that finding a relaxed and well-organized holiday in the city can bring back a sense of regularity, making it easier for people to explore new destinations and cultures.”


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