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COVID FREE GR WALLET: Gov’t application for COVID-certificates

With a new application for mobile phones and tablets, citizens in Greece have the ability to store COVID-19 certificates for vaccination, disease or diagnostic certificates. The application COVID FREE GR WALLET has been released today, Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

The application created by the Ministry for Digital Provenance significantly simplifies the storage and display of digital COVID-19 certificates, facilitating controls, the relevant announcement says.

These are exactly the same digital tools that citizens are already familiar with, as they use them with a variety of other documents, such as boarding passes and show tickets.

Storage is possible both for the European Certificate COVID-19 and for the national Certificate of vaccination, disease or diagnostic test.

Α citizen can store certificates for as many people as he wishes, such as children, other family members, parents, grandparents etc.

The application is available through as well as through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Simple Use

To save the document in the wallet, the citizen can either scan the QR code in the application, or download it as a pdf file.

Immediately after, the “Save to wallet” (ΑΠΟΘΗΚΕΥΣΗ) option appears.

Website to download the application with links to App stores and video all in Greek is here .

The App is released a day after Greece imposed new restrictions to unvaccinated citizens.


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