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Crete: The incredible survival story of a couple

Even experienced Coast Guard officers can’t believe the couple made it, while people speak of nothing short of a miracle

The details regarding the two missing people who were found alive and in good health, on the south coast of Heraklion, are shocking.

The 45-year-old man demonstrated enormous mental strength as he managed to swim for hours in the stormy sea, to reach Koudouma Monastery and ask for help for his 39-year-old partner who was left behind in a cave.

Those who helped with the search and rescue operation have been impressed by the positive outcome, given the turbulent sea and difficult weather conditions in the area since Saturday.

The winds and high waves did not stop the 45-year-old Greek from Messara, Crete, who has been living in Germany for the past few years and is working as a helicopter pilot. He found the courage and strength to protect both himself and his 39-year-old German girlfriend. The two of them managed to climb the rocks on Saturday and find shelter in a cave they found on the rocky cliff.

On Sunday, the 45-year-old man, given the slightly improved weather conditions, managed to swim in the still stormy waves to Koudouma Monastery nearby, to ask for help while the 39-year-old was left alone in the cave.

The Coast Guard was immediately informed, whose boats proceeded to the rescue operations.

Both survivors were transported by ambulance to the Harakas Health Center, where they underwent the necessary medical examinations. Reportedly, they were both dehydrated.


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