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Cyprus to resume gas drilling this year

he Republic of Cyprus is set to resume its drilling programme around November, December this year announced the Minister for Energy, Trade and Industry of Cyprus, Ms. Natasa Pileidou.

Pileidou made the announcement at the conclusion of the meeting of the Parliamentary Energy Committee noting that “in relation to the energy program we have worked very intensively with ExxonMobil, which is the first company that will proceed with drilling in block 10 of Cypriot EEZ, at the end of the year “.

The Minister noted that the relevant contracts have been signed and the process of issuing the necessary permits is underway, adding that experts from the USA and other countries have started arriving in Cyprus to take part in the drilling process.

“We are on a very good path, we hope we will not have any surprises and we do not expect any surprises regarding the pandemic. “We expect the drilling program to start again from November to December at the latest, followed by Eni Total, which is also being consulted and we are proceeding with the planning”, she concluded


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