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Despina Vandi – Demis Nikolaidis, divorce after 18 years of marriage

The news that singer Despina Vandi and former footballer Demis Nikolaidis decided to divorce after 18 years of married life dropped like a “bomb”.

The news was announced by the manager of Despina Vandi, George Arsenakos.

“After 18 years, we made the decision to proceed with the end of our marriage. Our absolute priority is the care and protection of our children and we ask for the respect of our decision and our priority. D. Vandi – N. Nikolaidis “, was written in the announcement.

Many fans of the singer had noticed for some time now that despite the fact that she was very active on social media, she did not share anything related to her husband, while he seemed to be completely absent from her activities.

According to information, their relationship has been in crisis for a long time.

They were married on June 17, 2003 and have two children, Melina (February 8, 2004) and George (August 21, 2007).

Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis always kept a low profile in their relationship.

However, a few months ago they had talked about their wedding on Nikos Hatzinikolaou’s show and nothing foretold its end.

Demis, although chary and measured in his statements, had said about the woman who gave him two children.

Demis for Despina: A great woman

“Despina is a great woman. I first saw her in a poster. Then I went to her live. I called her out of nowhere and after three months we met. I liked her. I was young. I realized very quickly that it would not be a passing thing. 21 years have passed.

We had said that we would get married when we wanted to have a child. I remember I was in my office and Despina was cooking.

And I call her, she comes and I tell her “I think we should get married”. That’s it. Without any thought bothering me, I wanted to have a child. Although I was young man. We got married in June, she was pregnant and we did not know it.

The most difficult moments were when I had taken over as president of AEK and Despina gave birth. I was permanently missing. We spent the most difficult period there”.

Despina for Demis: I had only seen him on magazine covers

The popular singer had talked about her love and acquaintance with the footballer.

“I met Demis in 1999. We are 21 years together.

He called me and told me that he was Demis Nikolaidis. I did not believe him and asked who he was. I had seen him on some covers, because I did not know a lot about football.

He had become with an AEK celebration and he had seen me. After three months of talking without meeting, he says to me ‘should we meet?’ And I tell him ‘I think you’re in a hurry’. He will never forget that. But I knew something. 21 years…”, Despina Vandi had stated.


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