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E-commerce value at 14 billion euros in 2021, survey says

The value of e-commerce activity totaled 14 billion euros in 2021, a survey by ELTRUN and the Association of Business and Retail Sales of Greece (H.R.B.A) said on Tuesday. The survey was conducted in December 2021 on a sample of 859 internet users and covered both products and services.

More specifically, the market's turnover reached 14 billion euros, a new record for the e-commerce market, with at least 15,000 Greek enterprises having their own channel of digital sales and several e-shops recording annual sales of more than 10 million euros.

The survey showed that 50 pct of internet users made purchases online in the last 15 days, the same as in June 2021, while at least one in three online consumers said their online purchases accounted for more than 20 pct of their total purchases.

The survey showed that hotels-tickets accounted for the biggest percentage of online purchases (45 pct), followed by electrical appliances-electronics with 34 pct, clothing with 20 pct, toys-cosmetics with 17 pct, personal care with 13 pct and furniture, also with 13 pct.



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