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EU Digital Certificate for foreign nationals in Greece

Foreign nationals who have been vaccinated in Greece can now obtain the EU Digital Certificate as the state has improved the online form that now accepts foreign documents.

A friend e-mailed me on Tuesday morning that the website now accepts data from foreign nationals.

She is a German national living in Greece. However, it should be noted that she has been vaccinated. With this said it means we are not aware whether the Certificate can be issued also for the other two purposes as stated below.

Greece activated on June 1, the online platform for the EU Digital Green Certificate Covid-19 where citizens can obtain a confirmation that they have been either vaccinated against the coronavirus or have been tested negative with PCR test or they have recovered from Covid-19.

One needs taxisnet codes and social security number AMKA in order to access the service.

On the website of the it is stated that if one does not have taxisnet codes, ID documents from a foreign country or any other problem in issuing the EU Digital Certificate, one should seek a Citizens’ Service Office KEP



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