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Evia-Battle with the resurgent fires–Superhuman efforts to prevent the fire from reaching Istiaia

All forces are trying to stop the fire towards Istiaia and have set up fire zones.

Another difficult night was experienced by residents in northern Evia, where the fire is raging for the 8th day, with the fire front now heading from Avgaria to Kamaria and Kamatriades, where a human chain was formed to stop its course, and the fires are continuous on many fronts.

Residents and firefighters fought to prevent the fire from spreading to Avgaria and, although the flames passed through the fire zone they had created around the village, they finally managed to save their homes.

When the fire front broke out in Avgaria, firefighters, foreign missions, and volunteers created a new fire zone in the village of Kamaria.

In Kamatriades they have created fire zones to stop the destructive course of the fire, with the first images from the front in the morning showing a better picture, but also scattered re-ignitions.

In Kastaniotissa, under the threat of the new fire front, a large number of firefighters have gathered to prevent it from reaching Istiaia, whose sky is covered with smoke.

The next big “bet”

Waiting for help from the air in the morning, the residents of Istiaia all night watched the fronts of the fire moving towards their area.

At this time, all forces are trying to stop the fire towards Istiaia and have set up fire zones.

More foreign assistance

Meanwhile, optimism was raised by the new significant aid that Russia and Turkey decided to send to Greece to deal with the catastrophic fires. Following a communication between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias with their counterparts, the Kremlin announced that it would send two Ilyushin planes and two helicopters to Greece.

Also, following a telephone conversation between Mr. Dendias and his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoglu, Ankara decided to send two Turkish firefighting aircraft to Greece, since the fires in Turkey are now under control.

New aid from France is arriving today to deal with the heavy fires that broke out in recent days in Greece. The first group consists of 101 firefighters and 38 vehicles. A second team of 60 firefighters and 23 vehicles will follow. This aid is to be added to the 80 firefighters and the 3 Canadair aircraft already in Greece.

In total, 250 members of the French Civil Protection Agency are participating in the fight against forest fires in Greece. This is the largest land mission of the French Civil Protection abroad.

“Villages are saved by those that love them”

Galatsona, Avgaria, Kamatriades, Galatsades Gerakiou, Artemisio Asminio, Gouves, Kastri, Agriovotano and Elliniko, have been threatened by the flames many times in the last two days.

In each of the villages, an incredible battle is being waged by the inhabitants to keep the flames out of their yards.

“The villages are being evacuated. But those who can help are left behind and to date have offered tremendous help. Without them, many villages would have burned down “, governor, Fanis Spanos, noted to AMNA agency adding:” The villages are saved by those who love them.”

“Our young people are organized dynamically. They operate against small fires and release forces for the main firefighting,” says the mayor of Istiaia – Edipsos, Giannis Kontzias, in a post on social media and adds:” in this place, that which has no limits is our soul. Well done guys.”


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