Evia SOS: Flames swallow forest & villages, outraged locals refuse to evacuate (videos)

People board a ferry during evacuation as a fire burns in the village of Limni on the island of Evia, Greece on Friday. Photo: Reuters

Horrified and angry residents of Istiaia and surrounding villages in northern Evia have been flooding media with dramatic appeals for aerial fire fighting means as the big forest fire fronts are approaching out control on Saturday afternoon. The fires are completely out of control, one after the other villages are ordered to evacuate, but locals are reluctant as they want to protect their properties.

“A fire engine came and parked in the village square without doing anything,” an outraged local woman told Open TV. I told them to come and save my home but they said they had orders to wait at the square,” she added.

Short time later, another resident said that the fire was just 3 km away. The woman added that aerial means have been grounded since one and a half hour ago.