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Experience Park in Hellinikon to open six month earlier than scheduled

Lamda Development is opening the Experience Park, part of the Metropolitan Park of the Hellinikon project, on December 20, six months earlier than scheduled.

The Experience Park covers an area of more than 70 stremma (7 hectares) in the area of the former Athens International Airport which include the three hangars of the Air Force, designated as modern monuments by the Culture ministry.

The park is the ideal destination for citizens to break out from the city’s daily life. It has a spectacular fountain, outdoor sport facilities, kindergarten and a Zen garden designed according the natural habitat of the region.

A total of 500 trees and 55,000 plants from Mediterranean varieties were planted and the project is designed and built according the principles of sustainable growth.

During the Christmas and New Year holiday season, the Experience Park will offer spectacular light installations, a 17-metre high Christmas tree and culinary experiences.


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