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Fincantieri expresses interest in participating in restructuring of Elefsis Shipyards

Italian Group Fincantieri officially expressed interest in launching a procedure to participate in a restructuring effort of Elefsis Shipyards in cooperation with ONEX.

The expression of interest was made during a meeting between Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis, Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos and Development and Investments Alternate Minister Nikos Papathanasis with the chairman and CEO of ONEX, Panos Xenokostas and the vice-president and managing director of shipyards in Fincantieri Group, Giuseppe Giordo.

In comments made after the meeting, M inister Georgiadis said that a "big step towards the restructuring of Elefsis Shipyards was made today as one of the largest shipyard groups globally, Fincantieri Group, officially expressed interest in participating in the effort, in cooperation with ONEX. The Greek government welcomes this proposal. Greece needs the Elefsis Shipyards also to have a strong shipbuilding industry."

"It is a important step in Greek-Italian business cooperation. Our goal is to contribute in creating in Greece one of the best shipbuilding industries worldwide," Giordo said.


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