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Fire on Tinos – The fire is in remission – All-night battle with resurging blaze

The picture of the fire in Tinos is better, however the fire brigade is on its feet as strong winds blow in the area and there is a risk of resurgence.

The fire that broke out in the afternoon in the coastal settlement of Ag. Porto in Tinos and threatened three settlements. Strong north winds blowing in the area were the main obstacle to extinguishing the fire despite the efforts of the Fire Brigade to control the front. From the beginning, the local forces of the fire brigade participated in fighting the fire with five vehicles and ten men, as well as water tankers of the municipality and residents of the island with private vehicles. Earlier, a precautionary order was issued to evacuate three settlements, Ferro, Lychnaftia and Agia Varvara, as the fire was out of control. Strengthening the fire brigade

For this, as reported by the local website, two firefighting manned vehicles departed from the port of Ermoupolis in Syros with the ship Artemis in order to go to Tinos. The ship was also boarded by the Deputy Regional Governor of the Cyclades, responsible for civil protection, George Leontaritis.

At the same time, 4 manned firefighting vehicles departed from the port of Gavrio Andros with the ship Fast Ferries Andros, which in turn were called to assist in extinguishing the fire in Porto of Tinos.

Andros was ordered to go to the fire brigade from Attica, as well as teams to investigate and deal with incidents of arson.

Shortly before 8 pm, the fire brigade managed to control the fire, however, due to the stormy winds, even after it is extinguished, there will be serious dangers of re-ignition and the forces will remain on foot all night.


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