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Foreign visitors returning to southern Aegean

International air arrivals on the Dodecanese and Cyclades islands topped 1 million before the end of July, traveling on more than 8,000 international flights to the southern Aegean islands.

Before the peak of the season, arrivals on the southern Aegean islands had exceeded 2020 traffic.

July ended more dynamically than it started for the southern Aegean islands: By July 31, Santorini, Mykonos and Karpathos had already welcomed more visitors than throughout the whole of the 2020 tourist season.

By the end of July, Rhodes was at 84% of last year’s international air traffic, with Kos at 75%.

Overall for the southern Aegean, the percentage of international arrivals from May 13 to July 31 was already 92% of last year, with the strongest, as observed continuously in recent years, month of the tourist season ahead.

Specifically, for the above period, the island of Rhodes has received more than 490,000 visitors from abroad, with Kos at over 240,000 passengers.

The recovery of international passenger traffic to Karpathos has been spectacular, having already doubled last year’s.

In the Cyclades, the international airports of Santorini and Mykonos have already exceeded last year’s international arrivals by more than 120%, with about 180,000 on Santorini and more than 160,000 on Mykonos.


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