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Former prime minister calls for unity in face of threat

Former prime minister Kostas Karamanlis has called for unity on the challenges facing the nation, stressing that Greece “is the only country in the European Union that is under threat.”

In a speech on Wednesday night at the Konstantinos Karamanlis Foundation, named after the founder of the ruling New Democracy party, the former conservative premier warned that the threats facing Greece concern “the rights, interests and claims stemming from international law and international treaties,” adding that they are also aimed “against the country’s territorial integrity.”

Expanding on the subject of mounting tension with Turkey, Karamanlis said that it is “acting like a troublemaker in the wider region, raising claims that blatantly violate the letter and the spirit of international law and international treaties.”

He also spoke of the need to “highlight and denounce its erratic stance,” while lashing out against “certain states” that pretend to be neutral yet pander to Turkey, “encouraging its unacceptable and delinquent behavior.”

Hailing the recent Greek-France defense pact, Karamanlis stressed that Greece “is in a position to effectively defend its territorial integrity and rights.” Nevertheless, he added, Europe “must realize that it is painting itself in a corner by turning a blind eye and trying to reconcile the incompatible.”

“It cannot but impose sanctions on blatantly aggressive behavior,” he said.

Karamanlis served as Greece’s prime minister from March 2004 to October 2009.


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