Get vaccinated now!

As long as individuals, communities, and the entire world do not conform and coordinate through common policies, the virus will rage on and the public health crisis will drag on.
The Mega Vaccination Center (Helexpo) in the building "Prometheus" at Maroussi, Athens

The ongoing public health crisis has shown no signs of letting up. At each turn, the epidemic proves able to circumvent restrictive measures and the many efforts of authorities to stem the repeated waves and super-spreading of COVID-19.

The virus has proven to be exceptionally dynamic and capable of penetrating human communities in a unique manner, transcending all types of barriers erected by governments and public health authorities. Every crack left open by human activity is yet another opportunity for the virus to invade and attack.

In this, it is aided by mutations wrought by nature and its tendency to mutate in order predominate.

That is exactly what is happening this summer. With its new variants the virus is again demonstrating its ability to harm. It disputes and renders conditional policies and plans for a return to normalcy, belying the expectations that are at times cultivated of putting the situation under control.