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Free electric bike hire for residents of Penteli

Visitors and residents of the municipality of Penteli will be able to rent electric bikes for free.

The municipality has approved funding to purchase of electric bicycles to promote access to public public infrastructure.

“With the installation of the system, the municipality will offer citizens and visitors to the city free access to electric bicycles in order to reduce car traffic in the city and to promote other types of public transport, reduce traffic in the city and ensure a reduction (including noise) pollution of the environment,” the statement says. municipality message.

The system will allow automatic rental of electric bicycles without the presence of service personnel. A citizen will be able to electronically book a bike rental for a certain time.

He will be able to pick up and return it from six rental locations and automatic charging stations, which will include parking/charging stations. If successful the municipality can expand the number of stations.

The project also includes:

  • Procurement of equipment, namely 38 bicycles and 6 charging/parking stations.

  • Software and services so that all information, management and monitoring of the system is carried out electronically through special applications.


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