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“Greece is a country with amazing quality of life,” says PM; See what Greeks respond to him…

“Greece is a country with an amazing quality of life. If it can offer good work and good earnings, for someone who is Greek, the return is almost one way street. That is why we have given a series of tax incentives for the returns of young people from abroad,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday during his visit to the offices of Viva Wallet in Athens that has been acquired by banking giant JP Morgan & Chase.

The Prime Minister posted this wonderful statement also on Twitter…

… with the result that hundreds of Greek used the opportunity to tell the Prime Minister how exactly the situation is in the country.

Indicative some tweets by Greeks frustrating by the low wages especially for the youth and the conditions in the labor market, the health, the education and the exorbitant price hikes and the cost of living that has skyrocketed in the last few months.

“It was not only us who left, our children also left and then their friends, who beg us to help them disappear from the country where youth unemployment has hit negative record and you are saying things that have no basis.”

“Sorry, which country are you describing? Because in Greece with EU money you will hire a total of 2,000 law graduates, with a salary of 480€ (that is below the minimum wage), you had them unpaid for 110 days and you had them pay social security contributions from their own pocket.”

“This is a lack of respect! This is not a pre-election delirium but the statements of the prime minister of an impoverished country, with an immature democracy, where basic human rights in the fields of health, work and justice are violated by a bunch of criminals!”


“Amazing quality of life while the basic salary is not enough to cover basic needs and we live with our parents, and you made sure that young people never see even the slightest increase as the work experience we acquire is not even recognized.”

“With youth unemployment* at 47%, the basic wage being almost equivalent to a monthly rent, with third world health care, what exactly do you mean by quality of life? Either you are completely stupid or you think we are idiots and these two are just as dangerous.”


“Excellent quality of life, unless it snows and everything paralyzes. Or if it rains. Or if it is hot. Or if someone gets sick. Or if you fall into the hands of hooligans with scythes. Or if you are young and has a 40% chance of not find a job.Or if you are a woman. Or if you are not the boss’s son.”

“AMAZING QUALITY OF LIFE. Unless you get sick, you need to go to the police or the judiciary and you can need to survive natural disasters, attacks by mobsters, fascists and rapists. BUT there is nothing to compare with the sun in Greece.”

“Amazing quality of life for whom ??? For the famiglia and its loved ones? Because for us life has become an endless distress! How will we pay bills, how will we eat, how will we manage to stay healthy because woe to us if we get sick !!!! Do you want more ???? RESIGN !!!!”

Several Greeks noted that not only those who left do not want to come back but also those living here want to migrate.

Some posted also pictures from the recent snowfalls where some 4,000 people remained stranded for almost 30 hours at the ring highway of the Greek capital Athens.

* Youth unemployment by OECD January 30,2022


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