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Greece is mulling “more freedoms” for vaccinated citizens

Greece is mulling a package of measures allowing more “freedoms” for fully vaccinated citizens and consequently more restrictions for the unvaccinated ones. Health Minister Thanos Plevris revealed that the Ministry and the epidemiologists’ committee are currently working in this direction.

Speaking to Skai TV on Monday, Plevris stressed that 90% of the Covid-patients in ICUs are not vaccinated, he said that these come from 30% of the unvaccinated adult population in the country.

He argued that “where fully vaccinated citizens are and therefore the risk of Covid-19 transmission is not so big “a regime of much wider freedom is needed so that we can reach a level of normality.”

Plevris indicated that the new measures will include more freedoms for vaccinated people in indoor entertainment and leisure venues even in regions with high numbers of coronavirus infections.

Media report of “freedoms” such as playing of music in regions placed in “mini lockdown”, standing customers in bars and clubs, live music in closed spaces and even dance in venues operating for vaccinated customers only.

To reconsidered are also the freedoms for the unvaccinated which they enjoyed with a negative self- or Rapid-test.

Media speak also of canceling all together the measure of the “mini lockdown” that is imposed locally and restricts music all through the day and enforces night curfew form 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

The final decisions are expected to be taken today and the measures are to be announced by the Health Minister tomorrow, Wednesday.

The government is forced to make changes due to mounting frustration among vaccinated citizens as well as professionals over the continuing restrictions and decisions that confuse them.

For example, a concert by a famous Greek singer was allowed in Thessaloniki on Saturday, while playing of music is not allowed throughout the region due to mini lockdown. DJs of the city protested outside the concert hall, saying that they have lost their jobs and thus without compensation, while music concerts are allowed.


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