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Greece is mulling new coronavirus-measures incl. masks outdoors

Greece’s government is mulling new coronavirus measures including the possibility of wearing the face mask outdoors again, government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou said on Saturday morning. He added that the new measures in force as from September will be announced next week, most likely on Tuesday, August 24.

Speaking to Skai TV, Oikonomou said that “the measures are a framework for the operation of economy and society” and implied that there will be additional pressure on the unvaccinated citizens with testing requirements.

“Either these people will be vaccinated, or they will get sick, endangering the whole society, and those who have been vaccinated, and that is unfair,” Oikonomou said.

He pointed out that it is very important to restore the mask outdoors if health experts recommend it.

He added that there will be specific criteria regarding specific activities like shopping.

Those who are vaccinated will have more options in their free time and for movement, while the unvaccinated ones will have laboratory tests 1-2 times per week from September onward at their own expense, at a predetermined price, he said.

The government spokesman ruled out a new general lockdown.

“There will be no general lockdown. There is no case for the economy to shut down,” Oikonomou stressed.

Greece is facing an increase of coronavirus infections, intubations in ICUs and deaths in the last few weeks, while the vaccination program has suffered alarming slow down. By August 21, only 53,7% of the population is fully vaccination with another 300,000 people to have received only the first jab.

The government goal is reportedly to contain the spread of the coronavirus and the the Delta variant.


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