Greece opens its borders to “silver” tourists

With 37.76m euros from the Recovery Fund, the government plans to attract visitors over the age of 65, as well as people with disabilities, and promote the prescribing of visits to cultural sites for people with mental illness.

Greece can take advantage of a “golden” opportunity for the development of “silver” tourism, through the Recovery Fund. With 27.26 million euros, interventions will be planned in cultural spaces, which will facilitate the access of the elderly, but also people with disabilities. The main goal is to attract visitors over 65 with… full wallets and travel concerns. At the same time, another 10.5 million euros will promote the integration of art in health services and will support the prescribing of visits to cultural sites for mental illness. The initial phase of the two projects is estimated to be completed within the first quarter of 2025.

In general, in the first project of the design includes interventions in museums, theaters, festivals, archeological sites, monuments, etc. in order to modify the existing infrastructure to improve access, the development of special tour systems, the promotion of thematic tours and routes related to the interests of a specific audience, etc. At the same time, innovation and new technologies will be supported and staff will be trained for use at cultural spaces for the reception of the elderly in a welcoming environment.

In total, for this “package” of projects funds amounting to 27.26 million euros (excluding VAT) will be allocated to cultural institutions – following invitations from the Ministry of Culture – which are estimated to be supplemented with additional state funds, as well as private funds, both from private cultural institutions and from the wider tourism sector.

Significant economic benefits are expected from the investments as it is estimated that the income (from tickets, etc.) will increase, will create new jobs but also a financial “ecosystem” around the accessible, for the elderly and people with disabilities, cultural spaces. . The investments will be “run” by the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and are f