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Greece Plans More Fast Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

Fifty eight new charging points in the country’s cities and highways will be created, as electric car sales continue to rise.

The average distance between the location of fast charging points for electric vehicles in Greece in a year will be 54 kilometers, with the maximum gap stretching to no more than 150km, a conference on infrastructure and transport has heard.

According to Evangelos Bekiaris, director of the Hellenic Institute of Transport, Greece already has 17 fast charging points and a plan is underway to install another 58 in the country’s cities and highways in the next year.

Fourteen fast charging stations will be created soon, while 26 are in the study phase.

Sales of electric cars in Greece reached 2.5% of the total last year, a figure expected to exceed 5% this year, added Bekiaris, who was speaking at the 4th Infrastructure and Transport Conference, held earlier this month.


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