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Greece reduces COVID-illness Certificates validity to 3 months for international, domestic flights

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued air directives (notam) for international and domestic flights regarding the validity period of Certificates of Covid-19 illness. According to the current legislation on the COVID-illness Certificates validity in effect from December 13, the illness-certificates validity period is reduced to 3 months from 6 as it was until December 12, 2021.

Travelers must carry a certificate of COVID-19 illness issued thirty (30) days after the first positive test and its validity will last up to ninety (90 ) days, the CAA notam stipulates.

For the certificates issued from 15/7/2021 until 31/10/2021, the aviation directive provides that they remain in effect.

For international flights there is an extension period until December 17, 2021, of the preconditions to enter the country as regulated by previous notams. (See link below: international flights)

CAA NOTAM on COVID-illness Certificates

Flight passengers to all destinations within Greece must meet one of the following conditions:

1) Have completed at least fourteen (14) days of vaccination for COVID-19 and demonstrate a vaccination certificate. The European digital certificate COVID-19 (EU DIGITAL COVID-19 CERTIFICATE) is also acceptable. The vaccination certificate includes the name of the person, the type of vaccine given and the number of doses.

2) To demonstrate a disease certificate issued thirty (30) days after the first positive test and its validity lasts up to ninety (90) days after it, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

3) Domestic flight passengers who have not been vaccinated must have been tested negative for a COVID-19 coronavirus laboratory test by PCR within the last seventy-two (72) hours prior to the scheduled flight time or within forty eight (48) hours with rapid test before the departure of their flight.

Minors from four (4) to seventeen (17) years old can make their air travel by performing a self-test (self-test) provided free of charge by the state and carried out up to twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled flight time .

The above certificates / certificates are displayed either printed by the platforms and HTTPS://SELF-TESTING.GOV.GR or in digital form with simultaneous identity check of the holder.

In the case of foreigners from abroad, they can present the vaccination certificate or the certificate of illness or the negative test, in Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian. A prerequisite is that the documents have been issued by a public authority and in accordance with the relevant legislation. If these checks have been carried out abroad and are valid at the time of boarding the aircraft, the relevant certificates are accepted under the same conditions under which they were allowed to enter Greece.

If a passenger does not wear a mask, he is not allowed on board.

At arrivals and departures inside airports, as well as during air flights, staff and passengers are required to wear a protective mask. If a passenger does not wear a mask, he is not allowed to board the plane. Travel documents are checked by airline officials and sampled by police at airports. Airlines are required to check the traveler before boarding to confirm that he has the necessary documents.


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