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Greece’s High Council focus on safe evacuation from Afghanistan, border protection

Greece’s Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense Issues (KYSEA) met on Wednesday afternoon to discuss developments in Afghanistan and the planning for country’s border protection. At the same time, Greece’s high priority is the safe passage for the return of individuals and their families who cooperated with the Greek forces in Afghanistan.

The coordination of all required evacuation actions has been undertaken by the foreign ministry. Tuesday night, the Foreign Ministry announced the safe evacuation of a Greek citizen from Afghanistan to Islamabad in Pakistan.

The planning to protect Greece’s borders was discussed both at European and bilateral level as well as at national level for the need to protect the borders and to avoid a new humanitarian crisis, a government statement said.

Citing government officials state news agency amna reported that Greek authorities are always on alert both at land and sea borders to prevent illegal entry into the country.

Just hours after the Taliban took over Kabul, Greek Migration Minister made clear that the country is not going to be a gateway for a new wave of refugees.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis chaired the KYSEA meeting.


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