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Greek Army Aviation Commander resigns over Chinook deployment against fires

The Commander of Ηellenic Army Aviation, Lieutenant General Giorgos Koumentakis submitted his resignation on Monday noon. According to media, he was forced to resign due to the availability of Chinook helicopters against the fires raging throughout the country in the last days.

According to military affairs new websites armyvoice, Koumentakis was one of the two lieutenant generals that were targeted as scapegoats for delays in the deployment of helicopters against the fires. The second one was reportedly the director of the Technical Department.

“His resignation was submitted after the pressures exerted on him in the previous days, as they [?] were looking for scapegoats from the Armed Forces for the tragic delays. The Technical director was apparently to be blamed that no helicopters were available,” note the website.

Koumentakis was initially supposed to be transferred to another department that would practically mean the end of his career. The decision froze after media reports in the last days, but it was to be implemented in the near future.

Prior to his resignation the lieutenant general had a “turbulent” meeting with the Chief of General Staff Konstantinos Floros.

An official statement by the General Staff is still due.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces High Council is reportedly meeting with the aim to determine if there is responsibility regarding to the participation of Chinook helicopters in the extinction of the devastating fires.

Last week, the government decided to involve the Greek Armed Forces in the battle against the fires as they went out of control in several areas.


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