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Greek athlete clarifies #MeToo remarks

Greek Olympic champion Lefteris Petrounias sought to clarify on Thursday that he fully supports anyone who has suffered any form of abuse in the field of sports after causing a storm of protest on social media with his statements regarding allegations of the maltreatment of athletes.

“My statement took a different direction from what I am actually advocating. I firmly believe that everyone who publicizes their personal story is definitely brave and commendable. My support for anyone who has suffered any form of violence is clear,” he said in a tweet.

He had earlier triggered a wave of responses with his comments regarding the Greek #MeToo movement, which rose to prominence after the revelations of Olympic champion Sofia Bekatorou last year.

“It’s a very tough industry… if there were [abuses] – if, because I’m not sure. I have not seen anything – individual incidents, I am very sorry,” he said, noting that he had “never seen a prominent athlete that has managed to achieve his or her goals with such a complaint.”


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