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Greek Canadian Couple Wins Lottery and Shares Prize with Staff

Greek Canadians Emmanuel and Stavroula Savvaidis will also use part of the prize for a trip to Greece.

A Greek-Canadian couple that won $500,000 in a November lottery said they will use part of the prize to give a Christmas bonus to their staff at their restaurant.

Emmanuel and Stavroula Savvaidis won after playing the Extra from the Nov. 5 Lotto Max draw. They reside at Powell River, a city on the northern Sunshine Coast of southwestern British Columbia.

“I couldn’t read what I had won because I was so excited,” said Emmanouel, according to local site Mypowellrivernow.

“I was shaking and filled with excitement,” said Stavroula. “ I couldn’t believe it.”

Greek Canadian couple to use lottery prize for a trip to Greece

The Savvaidis’s own a restaurant and are using part of their winnings to give their staff an early Christmas bonus.

They also plan to share some of the money with their immediate family, which includes their son and daughter. They were the first people the Savvaidis called after realizing they had won and said their children were “very happy” for them.

While the generous couple is certainly sharing some of their gift with the people that matter most to them, they will also be putting some away for a family trip overseas.

“We would love to take a trip back home to Greece to visit our family as well,” said Stavroula.


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