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Greek citizens urged to leave Ethiopia as soon as possible

The Greek government is urging all Greek citizens in Ethiopia to leave the country as soon as possible due to the escalating crisis there.

On Monday, the Greek Foreign Ministry issued as statement saying due to the security situation in Ethiopia remains highly fragile and increasingly unpredictable, and as armed conflict continues unabated, travel by Greek citizens to the country is completely discouraged.

“Greek citizens living in Ethiopia are advised to depart as soon as possible using the available commercial flights.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to closely monitor developments and provide Greek citizens with relevant information.

Those choosing to remain in the country, are encouraged to remain vigilant, to follow developments in the country, to limit their movements, to have sufficient food, water and fuel supplies stocked and to remain in contact with the Embassy of Greece in Addis Abeba at the following telephone numbers: +251 11 465 49 11 and 12, as well as at the emergency telephone number: +251 969 019 844, e-mail:

or with the Crisis Management Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the following telephone numbers: +30 210 368 2463, +30 210 368 2406 and +30 210 368 1730).


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