Greek gov’t sends 10K hospital workers home for being “unvaccinated”; strong reactions

Greek hospital workers protest compulsory vaccination on Wednesday as the deadline for unvaccinated health workers expired on September 1 and the first notices of suspension without pay started to be issued.

The government move to suspend unvaccinated health workers could send home 8,000 to 10,000 people and drive to desperation thousands of patients and working staff in understaffed health facilities, before new hiring and training of temporary personnel is concluded.

The deadline for the mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 of health workers expired on Wednesday, September 1. Those refusing to get vaccinated or without certificate of recent recovery from Covid-19 will be suspended from their work and sent home without payment.

Exemptions will only be granted to those with a proven medical reason to not be vaccinated.

Unionists told media that 94.5% of doctors are vaccinated and 90% of nursing staff and other hospital personnel and that 8 to 10 thousand workers will be suspended.