Greek politicians’ wealth declarations published

The publishing of ‘pothen esches’ is supposedly a system to control politicians’ finances, however, they do not have to declare where their assets (increase) came from but just the stand of their wealth.

A parliamentary committee published the source of wealth declarations (“pothen esches”) of 1,114 politicians and other public servants on Thursday for the financial year 2019.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared earnings of 33,432.38 euros as well as 1,285.77 euros income from agricultural activity and 11,800 euros from real estate. He also declared 35,500.48 euros income from other sources.

Mitsotakis’ wife, Mareva Grabowski, declared an income of 36,671 euros as well as 28,000 euros from real estate.

For his part, SYRIZA leader and former premier Alexis Tsipras declared earnings of 34,424.05 euros. He also declared 32,961.68 euros income from other sources. Tsipras’ partne