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Greek Psycho: Middle-aged man arrested for murder and rape of his elderly mother

A 59-year-old man has murdered his 85-year-old mother in their home in a village in Grevena, north-western Greece. He made all preparations for the burial according to the Greek customs before he informed the funeral office. The funeral master got suspicious and informed the police. It turned out that the man who was working as gymnast at a school had also murdered his grandmother in the beginning of the 1990’s.

Police and coroner’s investigation found also recent evidence that the woman was raped before she was murdered by strangulation, media report.

Further forensic examination is to determined whether the elderly victim was also regularly sexually and physically abused by her son.

According to witnesses from the area, the son was often beating his mother, he was bothering the neighbors would also call the police. Following such an incident, he was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic last August where he stayed ten days.

He was living with his mother in the village in the last six year, neighbors said.

In 1993 the then 31-year-old man had stabbed his grandmother to death. He served a prison sentence of 7 to 10 years and it is not known how he managed to be hired at a school and work there for several years.

It was a reportedly a policeman who recalled the murder case of 1993 in the same village,

The murderer told the funeral manager that he found his mother dead after returning form the gym. He claimed that she died after a fall. After the murder, he had washed the body and made all preparations for the burial.

When the funeral managed informed that police about his suspicion,it was a reportedly a local police officer who recalled the murder case of 1993 in the same village resulting into investigation of the death case.

To police the man confessed the crime saying that he killed his mother “because she had burned the food.”

According to a police statement, he was arrested and charged for the crimes of manslaughter and rape.

The mother had never denounced her son to authorities and therefore, the man could not be locked in a psychiatric clinic, state broadcaster ERT reported.


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