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Greeks Shop en masse from Bulgaria

Greeks shop en masse in Bulgaria due to high fuel and food prices in the southern country. Local traders are protesting that they will go bankrupt.

The price of petrol and bread in Greece jumped sharply.

Residents of northern Greece travel en masse to Bulgaria for gasoline and groceries, Greek media commented, announcing that the turnover of shops in the northern part of the country has fallen sharply.

“We are going to Bulgaria because we can't stand the prices here,” admit Greeks, who charge fuel in the neighboring Bulgarian districts at least once a week. Greek traders want help and measures from the government to prevent bankruptcy.

High electricity prices have increased the price of bread from 80 euro cents to 1 euro and 30 cents in shops in Thessaloniki, bakery owners say.

Gasoline is at prices unknown so far - about 2 euros and 20 cents, and is projected to reach 2 euros and 50 cents per liter by the end of the week. On the islands, it is even more expensive.

A survey of Greek unions shows that 30% of Greek families cannot cover the cost of basic necessities.

Opposition leader Alexis Tsipras said the lack of price controls threatened the country with a “humanitarian crisis”.


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