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High winds wreaking havoc with island ferry connections

Strong winds left dozens of ferry boats tied up at port early on Tuesday morning, with the islands of the Aegean cut off from the mainland as windspeeds reached 8-9 Beaufort at sea.

Ferries at the capital’s main port of Piraeus were not sailing for the islands of the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, but only for the Argonsanic. The picture is similar in Rafina, east of Athens, where ferries bound for the Cyclades and Marmari remain tied up, while the nearby islands of Kythnos and Kea could not be reached from Lavrio, in southeast Attica, either.

In northern Greece, port authorities closed the Kavala-Prinos connection.

Passengers are advised to call their ferry operators or the authorities at the ports they are due to travel from in advance to check for changes to their departure times.


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