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How does sending military equipment to Ukraine affect Greek-Russian relations?


Greece is sending aid to Ukraine with military equipment – is it the beginning of the end of Greek-Russian cooperation?

Russia’s military operation in Ukraine continues, while Greece participates by sending military equipment to Ukraine with two C-130s transport aircraft.

How easy is it for Greek-Russian relations to break down after this move?

Christodoulos Giallouridis, Professor of International Politics at Pandion University, spoke on the issue.

“It certainly creates a problem in bilateral relations, but Greek-Russian relations will not be judged by that. Crises have passed, but the relations remain long,” Giallouridis said.

“There is a deep historical relationship,” he added.

At the same time, Giallouridis stressed that there is a “frenzy of the West towards Putin that is not rationally distributed.”

“The West itself allows Erdogan to invade Syria and Libya and his country to illegally occupy almost half of Cyprus since 1974,” the professor highlighted.

“So how do we demonize only Putin and not Erdogan?” he wondered.

At the same time, he stated that Russia will reach a compromise with Ukraine only if the country is fully disarmed and if it is ensured that it does not join NATO.


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