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Inaccessible roads in Athens - 70 hours lost in traffic jams

Empty roads and less pollution at the beginning of the pandemic gave way to the gradual return of congestion. The roads of Athens and Thessaloniki, lately, have become inaccessible, with drivers being stuck in their cars for many hours every day.

Athens now ranks 30th on the map of the busiest cities in the world from 35th in 2020, while the average driver this year had 70 lost hours in traffic jams, from 37 hours last year.

The average speed in the center of Athens is 24km / h, when last year it was 26km / h and in 2019 it was 19km / h. Around the center, the average speed is 35km / h, i.e. the same as last year, while in 2019 it was 32km / h. Finally, in the urban fabric of Athens, the average speed is 14 km / h, when last year it was 15 km / h. The data of the analysis company INRIX Inc, which specializes in transport, show the big problem of the Greek capital and not only.

Of course, Thessaloniki also has a problem with traffic jams and heavy traffic, which is clearly experiencing more improved situations compared to Athens. It is ranked 48th in the world, on the map of busy cities, while the average driver in 2021 had a total of 22 lost hours.

The average speed in 2020 in the city center was 20km / h, while in 2019 it was just 18km / h. A little more peripherally, the average speed was 23 km / h in 2020, compared to 25 km / h in 2019. Within the urban fabric, the average speed was 18 km / h in 2020, compared to 13 km / h in 2019.

The study, signed by INRIX Inc analyst Bob Pishue, noted that "street traffic is an indicator closely linked to economic activity and recovery..

"The sharp differences are the result of different approaches by governments to pandemic constraints, city structures, downtown business centers and the ability of workers to work remotely."

Source: ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ

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