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Italy 6, Greece 6

The National team made another great appearance, found a breath of fresh air from another epic, but did not succeed in the end against the spirited Italians (6-6).

Despite coming close to another great victory, the National Men's Polo Team drew 6-6 with World Champion Italy in the second group stage and showed that its path to the Olympics still has a future.

The Greek internationals, although they were behind in the score 2-1, made a legendary third eight minutes in which they managed to score four goals and overtake with 6-2. Apart from the polyphony in the attack, Manos Zerdevas made an incredible appearance with countless saves, but the Italians found the way and with a series of four goals saved the point. Besides, we are talking about the world champion and a very experienced team.

Next opponent of our National Team is Japan, in a match that is scheduled for 12:20 Greek time on Thursday 29/7.

The eight minutes: 1-1, 1-1, 0-4, 4-0.

Italy: Aikardi 2, Luongo 1, Filioli 2, Etsenike 1.

Greece: Mourikis 1, Papanastasiou 1, Genidounias 1, Kapotsis 1, Argyropoulos 1, Vlachopoulos 1.

First Quarter_1, Italy, M. Aicardi, 6:28. 2, Greece, K. Mourikis, 2:29 (PP).

Second Quarter_3, Italy, S. Luongo, 4:58. 4, Greece, A. Papanastasiou, 1:55.

Third Quarter_5, Greece, K. Genidounias, 4:41. 6, Greece, M. Kapotsis, 3:49. 7, Greece, S. Argyropoulos Kanakakis, 3:15 (PP). 8, Greece, A. Vlachopoulos, 2:31.

Fourth Quarter_9, Italy, P. Figlioli, 6:59 (PS). 10, Italy, P. Figlioli, 4:43 (PP). 11, Italy, M. Aicardi, 2:07. 12, Italy, G. Echenique, 1:09 (PP).

Exclusions_Italy 7 (F. Di Fulvio 1, V. Dolce 1, N. Figari 1, N. Presciutti 1, A. Velotto 1, V. Renzuto Iodice 2); Greece 17 (S. Argyropoulos Kanakakis 1, G. Dervisis 1, A. Papanastasiou 1, K. Mourikis 2, I. Fountoulis 4, K. Genidounias 4, A. Vlachopoulos 4).

4 Minute Exclusions_Italy None; Greece None.

Penalty Fouls_Italy None; Greece 1 (A. Papanastasiou 1).

Ejections_Italy None; Greece 3 (I. Fountoulis, K. Genidounias, A. Vlachopoulos).

Referees_Xevi Buch, Spain. Stanko Ivanovski, Montenegro. Milivoj Bebic, International Swimming Federation. Takeshi Inoue, International Swimming Federation.


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