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K. Michalos, Head of Athens Chamber of Commerce, Dies on Friday

Konstantinos Michalos, 61, president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI), died of a heart attack on Friday.

Michalos was at his factory at Kryoneri since Thursday, the third day of a massive fire that spread east and north from Varybobi in North Attica.

In his most recent post on Facebook, he was referring to the fires and hoping there would be no human casualties.

When he felt dizzy on Friday, he was transferred to KAT hospital in Maroussi, where his death was confirmed.

He had studied at Essex University and LSE in Britain and became president and CEO of industrial exports company SWAN SA, based at Kryoneri, since 1988.

Michalos was president of the Union Of Hellenic Chambers Of Commerce since 2012, and was twice elected President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) in 2006 and 2011, while he had served as secretary general in the Finance & Economy Ministry in 2005-2006.

In addition, he had served on the boards of the Public Power Company (PPC), Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE), Astir Palace and the Athens International Airport and was elected vice-president and board member of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development, among others.

Konstantinos Michalos was married with four children, and spoke English and French.


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