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Man drives pick up truck in front of Parliament, threatens to detonate bomb

A man drove a pickup truck in front of the Greek Parliament in downtown Athens at 10 o’ clock Monday morning, stopped it in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and threatened to detonate an explosive device.

Police and bomb disposal experts rushed to the spot and the man was arrested.

According to media reports, inside the truck, there were at least one gas bottle and a gasoline container, however, it is not known if they were full.

On the sides of the truck he had written his own slogans, among others, “Turks rule Greece” and “Public courts”.

The man was arrested and it turns out he is reportedly, a 58-year-old farmer from Kalamata, south Peloponnese. He is being held at Police headquarters. According to Police the man has psychological problems.

Traffic around Syntagma Square was halted for about one hour and was allowed again when the incident concluded with the driver’s arrest and the removal of the truck.


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