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Measures for unvaccinated announced

The Health Minister is presenting the data

Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias is presenting the public Health measures that concern unvaccinated citizens in a press conference.

The Director of the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital “Evangelismos” and President of the Hellenic Society of Intensive Care Professor, Anastasia Kotanidou will also be present at the press briefing.

“We are talking about a pandemic of the unvaccinated” stressed the Minister of Health, adding that “Over 90% of ICU patients are unvaccinated.”

“Returning from the holidays, Greeks are booking to get vaccinated,” said Vassilis Kikilias, explaining that we need about one million more vaccinations to reach the vaccination rates of other European countries such as Portugal.

The measures that will apply are the following:

1. Suspension of work from 1 September for hospital staff who have not been vaccinated or have a medical certificate. Compulsory vaccination also concerns private doctors and pharmacists, the Minister of Health clarified, explaining that fines and sanctions will be imposed for those who do not comply.

2. From 13/9 the vaccinated workers in the public and private sector will have to do a laboratory test every week – priced at 10 euros each

3. Mandatory two tests per week for unvaccinated teachers, from 13 September. Free tests will only be given to students. Unvaccinated educators and academics, those working in tourism, catering, television, film, theater, music, and dance productions will take two tests a week.

Workplaces, entertainment, culture, sports will now operate with new rules for vaccinated and non-vaccinated, announced Mr. Kikilias. Indoor antigenic or molecular, disease or vaccination certificate for vaccinated people will be required for entry indoors. The price of the tests, he added, will be 10 euros. As far as students are concerned, two self-tests will be mandatory, while the test will be necessary for travelers in order to travel.

4. Vaccinated people will not be able to go to public facilities to have a free Covid test before traveling.

5. In all other closed workplaces the employer by law has the right to know which of the employees are vaccinated

6. Use a mask in all outdoor areas where there is a gathering.

Penalties for non-compliance include suspension of work for employees, non-attendance at school for students and a travel ban for travelers.


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